Preparing your child for the assessment process

It is important to prepare your child for an assessment appointment; many children are anxious about going to a doctor’s office, so it helps to assure them that it will not be a “doctor’s” appointment. 

If your child is notably anxious beforehand, inform the clinician so they can allow the child extra time to warm up to the testing environment. Tell your child that they will be meeting someone new with whom they will be talking, playing, doing different activities.  Some of the activities will be fun, and some may feel like schoolwork.

It is important for your child to get a good night’s sleep the night before.  Plan meals or snacks before the testing time so the child is not hungry, and bring a drink and snack along. Have your child dress in comfortable clothes, and pack a sweatshirt or sweater in case they get cold. Re-schedule the appointment if your child is not feeling well.

Sometimes it is helpful to bring reinforcing items such as a favorite blanket or toy to the testing appointment.  Encourage your child to try their best, and assure them that they will not be punished if they don’t know an answer or if they feel like an activity is too hard.