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A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Insurance Coverage

JCCHD | Fri, May 15, 2015 | [Autism Treatment]

Budgeting funds for your family’s healthcare costs can be a daunting task. How do you plan for up-front costs and make sure there are no surprise bills in the mail? Learning to understand your insurance coverage can be exhausting. We often hear people asking the same questions and sharing the same frustrations: Is my doctor in-network or out-of-network?  How do I know how much I will get reimbursed for my appointment?  I don’t understand my Explanation of Benefits, it might as well be written in Greek. 

Checking in with your insurance company before an appointment occurs is a great way to arm yourself with information for allocating funds and preventing unexpected costs. But it is important to know what to ask and what to document when talking to your carrier or benefits coordinator.

Tune in to our free webinar A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Insurance Coverage on May 21st, and we will cover the frequently asked questions we hear from patients, parents, and caregivers. We will break down the types of insurance that are available on the market and what your coverage options are. We will define commonly used terms so you can speak knowledgeably to your clinician and understand your coverage.  We’ll walk you through a sample bill and Explanation of Benefits so you’ll know what to look for when reading your own.

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Have you had the dreaded experience of being denied coverage on an appointment or treatment?  We will cover the process for appealing a denied claim. Are you embarking on a new treatment like ABA or speech therapy?  Find out about the pre-authorization process and if it is required before you begin. Knowing your state’s insurance laws may help you get the coverage you deserve, and we’ll show you how. 
We will also walk you through our step-by-step worksheet to complete when calling your insurance company about coverage.  The worksheet will cover all the questions you need to ask your insurance representative to get the full picture on your coverage, and it will help you document conversations with insurance representatives to keep on file for future reference. At the end of the webinar, we’ll provide links to the downloadable worksheet and answer your questions.

Click here to register for this free webinar and take the first step toward tackling insurance coverage with confidence.