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Reducing Stress by Caring for a Houseplant

JCCHD | Fri, October 31, 2014 | [Community][Healthcare][Sibling Spotlight]

We all know plants clean the air in our homes and offices, but did you know that they can also reduce your stress levels? There is something to that old cliché “stop and smell the roses.” It seems that everyone is too busy to step away from the daily grind and take a few minutes to be in the moment. This can be especially true if you are managing a schedule for an entire family. It is often difficult for a person to take time for him or herself. We tend to think of “me” time as selfish or unproductive, when it’s really imperative to reducing stress and maintaining peace of mind.

Caring for something with simple and defined needs, like a houseplant, allows us to step outside of ourselves and focus our energy on nurturing. The meditative acts of watering and trimming allow time for reflection. And knowing the plants are helping to clean the air and brighten up our environment makes it all the more rewarding.


The quiet routine of plant care is something you can choose to have all to yourself, or you can share it with your child. Here are some tips to make your nurturing time special:

-  Learn all you can about your plant
Once you’ve chosen your plant, learn all of its maintenance needs, like appropriate amounts of water and sunlight. But also take the time to learn the history and origins. You may feel a special connection to a plant from a certain part of the world or one with a rich cultural history.

- Place it in a special spot
If possible, place the plant in a spot where you can see it often.

- Make caring for your plant a special routine
Instead of just throwing some tap water in a glass, take the time to use a special watering can, bring the water to an ideal temperature, and add appropriate plant food.

Taking a few quiet moments each day to care for a houseplant will give you a break from the external noise of life. Sharing that time with a loved one will make the experience all the more rewarding.

To choose a houseplant, check out this site. And to learn more about the care of houseplants, click here.