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Research Update: Survey Analysis of Gluten and Casein Free Diet in ASD Population

JCCHD | Thu, March 29, 2012 | [Research]

Surveys are used to gather information such as current opinions on political issues or on the latest summer movies. Though not a true experiment, a survey is a useful research tool for determining behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. However, individual surveys rarely provide strong evidence of cause and effect. In the latest study on ASD and GFCF diets published in Nutritional Neuroscience, researchers relied on parental report survey data to identify what is believed about elimination diets in relation to behavior and health. The authors of the study concluded that parents who were the most rigorous in administering a GFCF diet to their children are more likely to report improvements in health and ASD and social behaviors.

Penn State scientists developed a 90-item questionnaire for 387 caregivers to answer concerning their child’s health and diet. This questionnaire ...

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