The Johnson Center for Child Health and Development conducts business in a manner that carefully considers the potential for perceived or actual conflicts of interest. Existing or potential conflicts of interest are disclosed, in order that consideration and action may be taken to insure that any such apparent conflict does not influence important decisions. Relationships with clinical, research, and business entities (e.g., other healthcare organizations, providers, vendors, and educational institutions) are reviewed to determine if a conflict of interest exists; any conflicts are addressed when they arise.

This policy is consistent with the Johnson Center for Child Health and Developmentā€™s overall commitment to act with integrity in all of our activities, provide accurate information, and to treat the children and their families, our staff, collaborators, volunteers, and the community we serve with respect.

Dr. Laura Hewitson - No conflict to declare. Dr. Hewitson was previously a petitioner in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program on behalf of her minor child. At her request this case has been dismissed and any and all claims for compensation or other relief in this case have been legally and permanently terminated.

Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN - Ms. Barnhill is the Nutrition Director for the Autism Research Institute.

Alan Gutierrez, MS, RD, LD - No conflict to declare.