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Staff Spotlight: Ana Murga, Nutrition Clinic Manager

JCCHD | Fri, April 26, 2013 | [Staff Spotlight]

Ana Murga

Ana Murga, Nutrition Clinic Manager, has been with The Johnson Center since 2009. Originally from Miami, she relocated to Austin after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Florida International University. Ana is a certified Pharmacy Technician and she enjoys providing care to the many families who visit The Johnson Center.

As the manager of the Nutrition Clinic, Ana focuses on billing, order fulfillment, scheduling, and training.  Additionally, through her Spanish interpretation skills, she has made it possible for families from all over the world to seek services at The Johnson Center.

Alongside the staff psychologist, Ana also serves as the supervisor and mentor to adult employees with ASD working at The Johnson Center, providing vocational support and guidance. This support includes education sessions on relevant topics, on-the-job mentoring, and behavioral support. Plans to expand this program include a Young Adult Transitions group and additional educational programming; career and interest exploration to create more long-term vocational goals for adults with ASD is also anticipated.

Ana is planning to pursue her Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration in the future. She counts her friendly and supportive colleagues as one of the things she enjoys most about working at The Johnson Center, along with the opportunity to provide specialized care to this community. Ana believes that The Johnson Center is special in many ways, particularly the way that all clinicians and supporters work together to offer guidance to their patients.

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