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Staff Spotlight:  Rebeca Flores, RN

JCCHD | Fri, April 19, 2013 | [Staff Spotlight]

Rebeca Flores, RN

Rebeca Flores, RN has been the nurse at The Johnson Center for the past two years.  A native of California, she moved to the Austin area in 2005. Rebeca decided early on that she wanted to become a nurse and dedicate her time and effort to helping those in need.

Shortly after earning her nursing degree, Rebeca joined the team at The Johnson Center. She was looking for a specialized setting where she would be able to work closely with families and their children. The autism community is the perfect place for her to integrate her knowledge of and interest in health and nutrition into her role as registered nurse. Rebeca focuses on creating a calm and comfortable setting for each child during his or her time at The Johnson Center.

Rebeca describes the caring staff, specialized care, and the multidisciplinary approach as part of what makes The Johnson Center so special and effective. Witnessing the growth and accomplishments of each child who walks through the door has been an incredibly gratifying and rewarding experience.

Rebeca has found that working alongside the Child Life Specialist at The Johnson Center to offer coping skills and support prepares kids and their parents for medical procedures that might otherwise be stress inducing.

In the future, she plans to return to school to pursue her certification as a nurse practitioner and to earn a degree in nutritional sciences so she can expand her knowledge of integrative health. In her spare time, Rebeca has a variety of hobbies that include cooking, hiking, knitting, and reading. She loves to learn new things and finds herself taking on many do-it-yourself projects that keep her busy.

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