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Staff Spotlight: Jeanna Martinez, CCLS

JCCHD | Tue, July 03, 2012 | [Staff Spotlight]

Jeanna Martinez

Jeanna Martinez is the Certified Child Life Specialist at The Johnson Center. She has always had a passion for working with children and families, and her role at our clinic provides her with the opportunity to do that and more.

Jeanna earned her Master’s Degree in Family and Child Studies before being certified as a Child Life Specialist in 2011. She has experience working in various settings that have given her a unique perspective and insight into providing families with emotional and social support; she provides a unique service at JCCHD that few medical care providers offer.

As our Family Care Coordinator, Jeanna’s role is to act as a liaison between our clinical team and our families and to provide support and resources to patients and families, as well as to offer therapeutic care. One of her primary goals is to decrease the stress and anxiety of patients and their families while also promoting positive medical experiences through the use of procedural and treatment support. Jeanna also plays a big role in ensuring that The Johnson Center provides quality, family-centered care.
Jeanna believes that what makes The Johnson Center unique is the collaborative team of clinicians working together, all dedicated to providing informed, appropriate care for children and their families.  The Johnson Center offers medical, nutritional, behavioral, diagnostic, and research services, as well as community outreach and support.

One of Jeanna’s favorite aspects about her work as the Family Care Coordinator is the direct contact she has with families and patients. Her future plans include creating more support opportunities for patients and their families, such as ongoing sibling support groups and parent education.  Jeanna is excited about our upcoming camps this summer, including the Sib Camp, Friendship Camp, and our partnership with the Be An Artist Program

When she’s not working, Jeanna is an avid reader and moviegoer. She is always searching for her next book or film to watch. To learn more about Jeanna click here.