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Q & A: Do I need to live in Austin to get help from The Johnson Center?

JCCHD | Thu, May 31, 2012 | [Autism Treatment][Q and A ]

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If you come to The Johnson Center, you might meet a young adult from Maine or a toddler from Ireland waiting in our playroom. We’ve had families come to us from 49 states and 53 countries, seeking treatment from our team of professionals. While we look forward to the day that everyone has access to knowledgeable and appropriate services close to home, we often hear that the level of specialized and individualized care that children with developmental delays require is not provided near where their families live. For this reason, The Johnson Center has built each department around the needs of these families, offering a range of services under one roof. Our multidisciplinary clinic produces an environment that allows our clinicians to inform each other and to provide comprehensive and continuous care for our patients.

If you decide to bring your child to us, how often would you need to come to Austin? We require that patients be seen in person a minimum of once a year by their clinician, with follow-up appointments often conducted via phone or Skype video (this allows families to receive comprehensive follow-up care without having to travel for each appointment). Our staff nurse will also work closely with you to find laboratories near your home that can perform any necessary lab work, and follow-up on the results can be done via phone or Skype with your clinician. Even the clinicians in our behavioral department can assist from a distance, utilizing the electronic highway for program reviews and parent-training.

How else do we make it easy?
In addition to clinical services, our Family Care team provides support in the form of grant opportunities, travel coordination, and special accommodations in Austin. 

If there is a language barrier, we contact the University of Texas language department to arrange an interpreter.

We provide any necessary documentation if you are applying for a travel visa. If you live in another US state and there are financial concerns about flights, we can discuss flight grants and discount programs.

The Johnson Center collaborates with a hotel in Austin to provide rooms that cater to families with special needs at a discounted rate. If you need to hire a caregiver for assistance while you are in a conference with a clinician, we can suggest a local nanny service. Our visitor packet has grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant, and sightseeing suggestions. In addition, our Family Care team can research any special needs that you may have while you are on site.

We provide a social story example on our website to assist with preventing or decreasing anxiety about staying in a new place.

The entire team at The Johnson Center intends to make your trip to Austin as beneficial and enjoyable as possible. To learn more about making your trip to Austin an event the whole family will enjoy click here.