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Q & A: Why should we sign up to participate in research?

JCCHD | Mon, May 14, 2012 | [Q and A ][Research]

Why should we sign up to participate in research?
The most rewarding benefit of participating in research is the fact that every participant makes a significant difference in the effort to better understand, diagnose, and treat children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  At The Johnson Center we greatly value every sample and every piece of information collected, and families who participate in research play a crucial role in the endeavor to help those affected by an ASD.

Our researchers aren’t just looking for people with autism; healthy, typically developing participants are needed as well. The opportunity to participate serves as a great learning experience for siblings or friends of a child affected by autism.  People often want to help, but don’t know what they can do. Participating in a research study in honor of a loved one with ASD is a great way to recognize them and help us find much-needed answers.

There are also some great tangible benefits to participating in research.  Often you will receive compensation, benefits, or other rewards in exchange for your time and effort. At The Johnson Center we are currently enrolling participants in a number of studies; children with ASD as well as children without (controls) are needed, and our studies offer compensation to participants (as well as covering all research-related procedure costs). Additionally, every child who participates in research receives a “super hero” t-shirt and certificate, because they are heroes to us and to the entire ASD community.


Another way to help is to refer someone to participate in research. For every referral that completes participation in a study, you can receive entry into our monthly referral contest. Win gift certificates, prizes, and even an iPad2!

Here are examples of some of the current studies seeking participants at The Johnson Center:

  • Biomarker Study – this study is enrolling children with ASD, their siblings, and children without ASD, ages 2-8.  Requires one in-office visit. Financial compensation available for all participants.
  • Bone Density – this study is enrolling boys ages 4-8 with and without autism. Requires one in-office visit and one visit to the radiological clinic for a bone scan.
  • Elemental Diet Study – this study is enrolling children with ASD ages 2-21 with documented evidence of ileitis, duodenitis and/or colitis. All study-related expenses are covered.
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) Study.  This study is enrolling children with ASD, ages 2-6, with documented gastrointestinal concerns. All study-related expenses are covered.

Watch our Facebook page and blog for announcements on additional studies. Research is our best hope for understanding and treating developmental disorders, and participating in studies can be a rewarding and beneficial experience.

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